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lern’s questions:

1) What’s your first memory? i hav bad memory (u kno that) but prolly watching barney this one morning and eating a nutrigrain bar i was so happy
2) What’s your favorite memory? POOP um i have a lot of fave happy memories but i went to get chinese with my dad about 4 years ago and tht memory’s just relle important 2 me. & then there was that awesome day where everything went right like 2 years ago i guess???
3) Which celeb are you most attracted to? DIFFICULTY LEVEL 10r38409322- um i want a piece of that logan lerman ass stat but u kno the classics bb
4) Favorite season (in the year not tv show)? OK SEASON 2 is literally always the best one. examples - new girl,  hannibal, sherlock, doctor who, the office (idk thats kind of opinion tho), and !! prolly forgetting some

but i like spring

5) Favorite ahs season? OMG ASYLUM ANOTHER SEASON 2
6) If you want kids, do you have any names you like? i like caroline and david and jane and elaine boopidoop theres probs more but i cant think
7) Favorite character of all time? haaahaha dynamic duo lasting for more than a century - sherlock&watson (: (: ( :
8) What was the first album you ever got? hillary duff YE
9) When are you happiest? when i have things figured out with cool people & im busy
10) Do you have a type? HAHhahaha
11) Do you hate anyone or have you ever hated anyone? not that i’ve met personally i just hate their opinions sometimes but idk pretty easy to say you hate terrible murderers and stuff cuz youve never met them so i prolly hate them

boom this was just 4 u ily canadian-horror-story